December 17, 2022

Second place for ecological-satirical video on festival in Vienna!

We won second place on satirical film festival “Willlachen Comedy & Satire Filmprize – the golden cellar rattle” for Best worst TikTok video.

Thank you so much Will Lachen!

About our video:

Satirical-dystopian TikTok video is about climate, economic and social crisis on Earth.

Aliens came to buy remaining bottles of organic wine in family winery. Like contemporary Robin Hood they paid in cash with stolen money from a smuggler.

His brain will be used in scientific research to prevent such evil things on their beautiful sustainable planet.
Aliens visit is last warning or last chance for us to be saved from human stupidities.

Earthling (host from organic winery) wants to go with them as better beings from humans and to save some organic wine for the future.