August 18, 2023

Personalized Wine Adventures: Why Pre-Booked Tastings Shine

Personalized Wine Adventures: Enhancing Your Journey with Pre-Booked Tastings

A Tailor-Made Experience Awaits

Welcome to an exclusive voyage into the captivating world of wine. To ensure a tailor-made and intimate experience, we kindly request your advance booking. While this reservation process might seem unconventional, let us elaborate on the advantages of opting for pre-booked visits.

Reserve your seat for wine adventure

Reserve your seat for wine adventure

Unveiling Our Boutique Eco-Winery

Introducing ourselves as a boutique, family-owned eco-winery, we extend a warm greeting to new visitors. In this brief introduction, you’ll discover the core of our commitment and capabilities.

Dedication to Excellence

Operating as a closely-knit team, we handle a significant workload while maintaining an unwavering dedication to excellence. This dedication holds particular significance for you—our esteemed guests and fellow enthusiasts of fine wine.

Immersing in the Wine Program

During your visit to our exquisite wine tasting room and cellar, you’ll participate in a carefully curated wine program lasting approximately an hour and a half.

Taste, Learn, and Indulge

We take pride in offering not only an enjoyable tasting experience but also an educational one. Our wine tastings are tailored to individual guests and small groups of up to 25, ensuring a high standard of quality for a truly unforgettable visit.

Individual approach and wine experience

Individual approach and wine experience

The Educational Odyssey

Let’s explore the educational aspect of our wine program. While the tasting itself is the highlight, it is by no means secondary. It provides the opportunity to indulge in 6-8 distinct eco-friendly wines, each introduced by our knowledgeable host.

Unveiling the Ethnographic Collection

Before the tasting begins—an engaging experience in itself—you’ll be treated to a touch of theory. Through a captivating blend of scientific and popular discourse, we unravel the anthropological and historical tapestry of winemaking, both globally and within our local context. This enthralling narrative is encapsulated within our ethnographic collection—a treasure trove that revives past eras while connecting with the present.

Stepping into History and Artistry

In our courtyard, you’ll find historical marvels waiting to be discovered, including ancient plane trees that have graced our cellar since the 16th century. These venerable trees, deeply rooted in Slavic culture, are ingeniously depicted in our logo labels as musical notes. This fusion of history and artistry is ready for your personal exploration during your visit.

Centuries-old plane trees, guardians of the old cellar

Centuries-old plane trees, guardians of the old cellar

Unveiling the 16th-Century Wine Cellar

The 16th-century wine cellar holds secrets from ages past, some locked away, while others are shared with you during your stay.

Discovering cellar secrets

Discovering cellar secrets

Serendipitous Encounters in the Vineyard

Curious about the vineyard? A part of our vineyard is just steps away, adding a touch of serendipity to your experience.

Embracing Ecological Viticulture

Our journey continues to a vantage point that offers panoramic views of our young, thriving vineyard. Here, at the heart of ecological viticulture, you’ll witness the essence of sustainable winemaking, setting the stage for indulging in our exceptional eco-friendly wines. As you embrace nature’s beauty, the profound interplay between ecological viticulture and the exquisite wines awaiting you in our tasting room becomes abundantly clear.

We expand the wine horizons from the viewpoint

We expand the wine horizons from the viewpoint

A Panoramic Horizon

From this elevated viewpoint, the tapestry of neighboring Slovenia, the picturesque towns of Varaždin and Čakovec, and the vibrant cityscape of Zagreb unfold on the horizon.

Proximity and Accessibility

Speaking of distances, did you know that Varaždin is just 22 km away, Čakovec a mere 20 km, and Zagreb a comfortable 100 km from our haven?

Delving Deeper and Discovering More

While we’d love to reveal every detail, we save some intricacies for your in-person exploration. For those eager to delve deeper, we’re more than happy to share comprehensive insights through email.

Pet-Friendly Retreat

Royal treatment for four-legged friends too

Royal treatment for four-legged friends too

Lastly, we proudly declare ourselves a pet-friendly winery, extending a warm welcome to your four-legged companions. Fresh water awaits their sipping pleasure, and the shade of our ancient plane trees offers a tranquil retreat for relaxation.

Reserving Your Experience

If the prospect of our educational wine program or the allure of a wine tasting experience intrigues you, please contact us via email for detailed information and reservations (

A Journey Beyond Taste

This journey transcends a mere tasting—it’s an odyssey through the annals of winemaking history, an immersion into our evocative ethnographic collection, and an encounter with narratives that inspire. Each sip embodies a voyage through time, every aroma presents a challenge to your olfactory senses, and each precious drop is a testament to our unwavering passion and craftsmanship.

Embracing the Experience Together

We eagerly anticipate the chance to share our world with you, to offer a meticulously crafted experience, and to raise a toast with you using the finest, most wholesome eco-friendly libations.

Warm regards,

The Enthusiastic  Vino Lovrec Organic Winery Team


FAQs: Curious Minds Want to Know

1. Why do we recommend pre-booking for wine tastings?

Pre-booking ensures a personalized and immersive experience, tailored to your preferences.

2. How long does the wine program last?

Our carefully curated wine program spans around an hour and a half, offering a comprehensive exploration.

3. Do you serve food?

We are not a restaurant and we don’t serve meals. Alongside the wine, we serve a small tasting accompaniment (bread, pastries).

4. Can I bring my furry friend along for the adventure?

Absolutely! We extend a warm welcome to your four-legged companions, ensuring a pet-friendly experience.

5. What makes your eco-winery unique?

Our eco-winery stands out for its blend of tradition and innovation. With a 16th-century wine cellar and a commitment to ecological viticulture, we offer a harmonious balance between history and sustainable practices.

6. Is the wine tasting suitable for beginners or experts?

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned wine connoisseur, our wine tastings are designed to cater to all levels of expertise. Our knowledgeable hosts provide insights that enrich the experience for everyone.

7. Can I purchase wines during my visit?

Absolutely! We offer the option to purchase the wines you’ve sampled during your tasting. Take a piece of our eco-winery’s essence home with you and continue the experience at your leisure.

8. What can I expect from the panoramic viewpoint?

The panoramic viewpoint offers a breathtaking vantage of our vineyard and the surrounding landscape. It’s a visual treat that deepens your connection with ecological viticulture and the art of winemaking.

9. Do you offer group reservations for special occasions?

Yes, we welcome group reservations for special occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or corporate event, our personalized wine adventures provide a unique and memorable setting.

10. Is the wine tasting suitable for non-drinkers?

Absolutely! Our wine program isn’t just about tasting; it’s an exploration of history, culture, and craftsmanship. Even if you don’t consume alcohol, you’ll find our educational aspects engaging and enjoyable.

11. Are there accommodations nearby for visitors from out of town?

Indeed, there are many accommodations within close proximity to our eco-winery including Spa Terme Sveti Martin. Varaždin, Čakovec, and Zagreb offer a range of options too for visitors seeking a comfortable stay while exploring the wine region.