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Organic wines vs. conventional and commercial approach.

The orientation towards nature has always been the focus of our approach. As a smaller boutique production, we rely on tradition and nature-friendly way of working in the vineyard, as well as on complete transition to ecology. Our technology is a combination of the traditional approach and the recent insights in winemaking, in such a way that the indigenous nature and authenticity of the wine do not get disrupted by sterile technology. We aim to showcase the good characteristics of our terroir, and we strive to preserve, in a natural way, the purity in the tone and taste of our wines. Our wish is for our consumers to recognize this, so we educate them on this at wine tasting events. The novelty in our approach is the production of organic wines. This is a much more demanding and expensive way of working than the conventional wine production, and it requires the understanding and support of wine lovers.


Wine list and grapeseed oil:

  1. Vivace sparkling wine, sylvaner (brut)
  2. Libiamo sparkling wine, pinot gris (sec)
  3. riesling (dry)
  4. sauvignon blanc (dry)
  5. pinot gris (semi dry)
  6. yellow muscat (semi sweet)
  7. Gewürtztraminer chosen dry berries (sweet)
  8. Gewürtztraminer – ice wine (sweet)
  9. rosé pinot gris (dry)
  10. Knights red (cabernet sauvignon/syrah) (dry)
  11. merlot (semi-sweet)
  12. grapeseed oil

Educational wine tasting

If you are looking for a break from mass tourism, take a breather in the greenery, taste organic wines and along the way learn something about wine and the life of this region, with the help of a professional and an individual approach.  After a short tour of the cellar and the ethno-collection, for a small contribution to the wine tasting, you will be introduced to about ten different varieties of wine in our wine tasting room.

We prepare educative wine tastings with emphasis on ecological and anthropological approach for individual guests and smaller groups of up to 12 people in a warmer period of a year from 15th of April till 15th of November.

Contact us, we will be happy to welcome you!



Free delivery of wines:

We deliver our wines in Varaždin, Čakovec, and once in a month in Zagreb.

You can get all information by writing us an email:

All our wines are available for purchase in WINE SHOP VINO LOVREC in Varaždin

(WORKING HOURS OF WINE SHOP VINO LOVREC ) and in our cellar with advance notice during the whole year.



Photo session for newlyweds

You can  create memories of your most romantic day at the foot of a hundred-year-old sycamore tree couple. At a special discount price, the newlyweds can also buy the “ice wine for a hot relationship”. With the purchase of 12 bottles of our other wines of your choice, the photo session is free of charge.