October 6, 2023

In good company

About a decade ago, we had illusions that with our dedicated approach and way of life, both for and from the vineyard, we would be able to satisfy our own need and the need of our clients for refined enjoyment of wine and its traditional significance.

We haven’t given up on that even though the world is rapidly changing at its core. Superficiality is evident in winemaking, and the prevailing culture is often distorted.

As arbiters, some people who have never had any connection to vineyards and wine impose themselves.

The most persistent in the wine industry resist this by turning towards authenticity and eco-production.

We have highlighted how some of our domestic guests (and there have been almost as many foreign impressions) experienced and understood our wines at the Wine Tasting House before the wave of avant-garde innovations, about which we will write or maybe not. The most important thing is if you recognize them yourselves.

Drink good and moderate! Oto Resinger

Drink good and moderate! Oto Resinger

Just as the majority of our guests experienced the presentation of our work and wine, that’s how we envisioned it before the emergence of the post-true new era in which there is hardly any room left for solid anchors in truth.

Those who understand the difference are not the most numerous, but there are enough of them for us not to give up.

Man and nature go together, and if they love each other and reciprocate their love, they achieve harmony in work, without which there would be no such fine products as your wine.

In Međimurje, Lovrec Family carries the glory of the homeland with their wine. I sign my thanks in this paradise!

Milan Beškić, Sve.Urban November 27, 1996, poet, organizer of small exhibitions, artist

The ancient Romans would say, “Bonum vinum laetificat cor hominis“ (good wine makes the human heart rejoice).

We thank Prof. Lovrec and his wife for giving us the opportunity to enjoy fantastic wines.

That it was so is evidenced by our polite and dignified behavior, not as a political position and opposition.

Deputy County Prefect (Varaždin), Miroslav Hreljac, 1999.

The wonderful feeling that comes from knowing that there are people who follow nature, and for us who sometimes forget about peace, silence, scent, and taste, they bring back memories and hope.

Thank you very much, Lovrec family!


That's how we imagine our guests from future

That’s how we imagine our guests from future

Friendship is not the result of chance but of choice! It’s not something to be expected but to be achieved!

Now I definitely understand poets, scientists, and others who dedicated poems and words to wine!

The Lovrec family has given me wonderful moments!

Thank you and goodbye. (illegible signature)

To the Lovrec family, my immense support. You are on the right path. Never doubt your way.

Maybe not everyone will understand and support you. But rest assured, there are already enough of us!

Lions Club Rijeka, 2000.

Winelover of sauvignon blanc from Universe

Winelover of sauvignon blanc from Universe

In a brilliant company like rarely before, the only obligation is to return!

Stjepan Mesić (one of the Croatian presidents after visiting and tasting wine)

I knew about Lovrec’s wines before, and I remember them as excellent. But I didn’t know there were so many varieties and such refined tastes and aromas until today.

The ambiance in which the wines are presented is just as exceptional and unique as the wines themselves. Congratulations and thank you. It’s definitely not the last time I’m here. (illegible signature)

Thank you for a pleasant and educational experience!

We will be promoters of your efforts to give tourism in Međimurje a special dimension. (illegible signature)

Warm regards from our Mediterranean neighbors in Montenegro, who will learn from you! Thank you.

Thank you not only for excellent wine but also for excellent education about these wines.

I hope that such gatherings will happen many more times in this beautiful place. (illegible signature)

This was my first educational and complete wine experience!

Thank you for that.

Wine unites different cultures and worlds

Wine unites different cultures and worlds

The first is the best! WWF

Journalists against gravel!

In the first encounter with this house, together with my friend who feels everything here, I can express the feeling of happiness and satisfaction primarily related to the atmosphere that is unique and I express my assessment of the top quality of wines we tasted, which I have not tasted elsewhere in this type and quantity, and I wish for all of this to happen again as soon as possible, and if not, then I will carry an exceptionally pleasant experience with me throughout my life.


After great efforts, we found a pleasant place for tasting top-notch wines. It was wonderful for us! (illegible signature)

We got caught up in Jagić’s circle, and now, relaxed after finishing our work, we have spent wonderful moments in a hospitable house and enjoyed the finest achievements of the most refined winemaking. As a sign of gratitude and a lasting memory, we sign this honorable book.

Radoslav Katičić and other participants in the Vatroslav Jagić gathering

True values are built long and painstakingly, and few are those who recognize them, but those who do know how to appreciate them. Congratulations, and we will gladly come again. (illegible signature)

There are many ways to create a work of art: sometimes music, sometimes poetry, and now and then, wine! Thank you for enjoying in good company and your art.

Tomislav Šola

Here, there is wonderful wine, even more wonderful people!

I really enjoyed it! dr. Ivo Josipović, one of the presidents of Croatia

Beautiful ambiance, even better wines, a pleasant atmosphere mostly created by the people who live here.

Dubravka and Ante Stamać

Dear Lovrec family,

We were in a good house. There are no good houses without good people. Thanks to the good hosts, and I wish you farewell!

Your old professor Stanko Horvat

On the Lovrec family’s estate, everything exudes creativity. Nature did a miracle, the family intervened wonderfully – all the details in the interior, and then in the glasses, it’s art and mastery.

Thank you for your hospitality.

Milan Bešlić

We thank you for the chosen organoleptic recovery after asceticism at VBV 2002, “Pompeo magno”!

A good harvest! Cheers!

Valentina Fijačko

These are just some impressions of support from domestic wine lovers. We couldn’t decipher all the signatures, so we have listed those we could identify.

Among our dear guests was also a Croatian philosopher, university professor, and one of the founders of the historical Korčula Summer School, so some consider him the actual founder of congress tourism, a great man, Milan Kangrga. He was briefly on his way and in a hurry with a common acquaintance, so unfortunately, there was no opportunity for socializing. Too bad. People of Professor Kangrga’s caliber have a lot to say.

A top intellectual and moral figure, and at the same time, a humble man.

Many other dignitaries from social, cultural, scientific, religious, and political life visited us, such as Mate Granić, Bože Kovačević, Zlatko Mateša, Zoran Milanović as the leader of the SDP party, Andre Mohorovičić, Herceg, and many others.

Our winery is focused on producing wines a, of traditional classical style, as well as, for several years now, ecologically oriented with a nature-friendly approach. Along with plenty of experiential knowledge, we also deal with the new challenges of the wine industry, always putting the well-being and satisfaction of consumers first.

Sometimes people ask us why we no longer participate in wine evaluations. We used to do it often and always did well, but in today’s post-cultural time and inflation of various wine qualifications, often invented jobs (which anthropologist David Graeber would call bullshit phenomena), we agree with him in many ways. So, we prefer to dedicate our time and money to responsible work in the vineyard and wine cellar, proving ourselves primarily to our consumers with better wines.