July 27, 2023

From barrel to bubbles: Western-style sparkling wine disgorging with four cellar characters!

This bubbling adventure will transport you back to the Wild West. Join us on our latest winemaking escapade as we head down into the dusty depths of the cellar, where four charming characters embark on the fine art of disgorging sparkling wine. Our video weaves the spirit of the Old West into the process, delivering a unique taste!

Step right into the world of sparkling wine, where we invite you to witness the enthralling art of disgorging with a delightful Western twist. In this video, we take you on a journey that combines the enchantment of the Old West with the magic of turning still wine into a lively, effervescent elixir. So, get ready to ride, grab your glass, and brace yourself for a fizzy adventure full of good mood and camaraderie!

The art of disgorging

Disgorging stands as a vital step in the production of sparkling wine. It involves removing the sediment formed during fermentation. In this section, we delve into the meticulous process of disgorging and its significance in crafting the perfect bubbly.

Creation of sparkling wines

Creation of sparkling wines

A dazzling transformation: still to sparkling

Behold the magic that occurs as still wine undergoes a dazzling metamorphosis into sparkling wine. We explore the precise techniques employed to create those mesmerizing bubbles that playfully tickle our taste buds.

Meet the charming quartet

Allow us to introduce the four cellar characters who infuse humor and charm into the disgorging process. Learn about their individual roles and how they make the experience of crafting sparkling wine even more delightful.

Guided by a sparkling wine expert

Behind every exceptional sparkling wine stands an expert well-versed in the ins and outs of the process. Our sparkling wine connoisseur will show you some “behind the scenes” of the process.

Andriy, first from right, the expert for sparkling wines

Andriy, first from right, the expert for sparkling wines

A bubblin’ good time

This section encapsulates the very heart of our sparkling adventure – a journey filled with good mood, camaraderie, and, of course, bubbles galore! Come along with the quartet as they engage in their witty antics, and immerse yourself in the merriment of this bubblin’ good time they’ve crafted.

Putting "the basket" on the bottle

Putting “the basket” on the bottle

Grab your glass and join the fizzy journey

It’s time to savor the fruit of their labor! Lift your glass high and embark on this fizzy journey that promises to elevate your spirits to new heights. Here’s to a delightful blend of flavors and the Western charm that envelopes every sip!

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The magic of eco-boutique wineries

Behind every remarkable sparkling wine, there’s a boutique winery that pours heart and soul into their craft. Unearth the enchantment of these small-scale, artisanal producers, and discover why their creations stand out from the crowd with their unique flavor profiles.

The classic method of fermentation

Unveil the mysteries of the classic method of fermentation used to craft the finest sparkling wines. We take you through one part of this process that results in those beautiful, persistent bubbles, tantalizing your senses with every sip.

Infusing the process with humor and antics

Winemaking is indeed a serious affair, but our cellar characters bring a touch of joy and laughter into each bottle. Explore how humor infuses the process, adding that special touch to the creation of sparkling wine that warms your heart.

Camaraderie in the cellar

Beyond being just a place of work, the cellar is a hub of camaraderie and teamwork. Discover how the quartet’s bond and shared passion for winemaking create an atmosphere that enhances the very essence of the wine.

Bubbbles are here!

Bubbbles are here!


As we bid farewell to this sparkling journey, we hope you’ve had an absolute blast experiencing the Wild West like never before. The fusion of flavors, the camaraderie, and the effervescence of the sparkling wine all intertwine to create an extraordinary and cherished memory.



What is disgorging in winemaking?

Disgorging is a critical step in sparkling wine production, where the sediment is removed to achieve clarity and effervescence, resulting in that delightful fizz.

How do bubbles form in sparkling wine?

Those mesmerizing bubbles come to life through a second fermentation process, where carbon dioxide is lovingly trapped in the bottle, giving the wine its signature sparkle.

What makes boutique wineries special?

Boutique wineries are known for their small-scale production, artisanal approach, and impeccable attention to detail, creating wines with distinct and exquisite flavors.

Is the classic method the only way to make sparkling wine?

While the classic method is steeped in tradition, there are alternative methods like the Charmat method, used to create different types of sparkling wines, each with its unique charm.

Can I visit the cellar characters in person?

You can meet our winemaker Krešo and his father by previous appointment for wine tastings that we organize for individual guests and smaller groups.


So, whether you’re a wine aficionado or a fan of Western movies, this sparkling wine escapade guarantees a bubblin’ good time you won’t want to miss. Grab your glass, and let’s embark on this fizzy journey together. Cheers to a truly sparkling experience!