Organic wines for better wellbeing

Vino Lovrec

Organic wines – for the well-being of all who care about their personal health and our planet

Sustainable tourism and creative cultural boutique tourism in the countryside

You can visit us with prior notice at least one day at We organize educational tastings for individual guests and small groups of up to 20 people in the period from April 15 to November 15.

WINE SHOP is open the whole year with prior notice.

Fine and eco wines rejoice hearts of all!

Individual approach and occasional boutique cultural events

Legacy of the tradition and the modern age

We take care of nature from the soil, air, water, vines to bottles and packaging. That means constant changes and rejection of bad habits.

Our landmark has always been the creation of wines in a way close to nature. We have taken a step further by switching to organic production under official supervision.

If you love a green lifestyle and think long-term and holistically about the health and preservation of the planet, you are in right place to choose wines that reflect that approach. You can find out more about our boutique organic production in the blog in NEWS. We also write about wine,  wine history, and ecology in NEWSLETTER . Thank you for your interest!


About Us

We have been making wine for several generations now, however, we won’t bother you with our family history. We would be happy to tell you more about our story once you are visiting us at our property, following the advance notice at or +38540 410 629. We prepare educative wine tasting for individual guests and smaller groups of up to 6 people in a warmer period of a year from 15th of April till 15th of November. When you visit us we would be pleased to take you through our historic cellar, our ethnographic collection included in the list of cultural goods of the Republic of Croatia, vineyards, and finally offer you to sample a range of wonderful, organic wines from our boutique production.

You can purchase our wines during the whole year in WINE SHOP VINO LOVREC in Varaždin (working hours are in section CONTACT ) or in our cellar with advance notice. All our wines are also available in Croatia via WEB SHOP.

Who Are We

The multigenerational viticulture and wine tradition of the Lovrec family was restored in the 1990s by prof. Franjo Lovrec, a “wine knight” and promoter of the knowledge, experience, and truth about wine and regarding wine. For the last fifteen years, his son Krešimir has been assuming the responsibility of running the business. As a true artisan of winemaking, he dedicates himself to the cultivation of the inherited Central European assortment, which was recommended as early as 1847 by German and Austrian viticulture experts, and whose basic professional standards are still valid today. Our line of authentic “Natale solum” white wines consists of Sauvignon, Green Silvaner, Rhine Riesling, Pinot Noir, Pušipel, Yellow Muscat, and the fragrant Traminer.

Since 2004, the novelties in the family boutique production of the selected assortment include the rosé wine and the already well established and recognizable “Knight’s red” wine, and since 2015, the merlot red wine as well.

During the previously arranged and announced presentations we strive to introduce the lovers of our wines – and those from Croatia and the world who may become one – to the physical and cultural terroir of the micro-locality of our estate, using an individual approach, as part of the boutique and sustainable educational tourism.

This segment, as well as the family Ethnographic Collection listed as one of cultural goods of the Republic of Croatia, is managed by Franjo Lovrec’s daughter, ethnologist Jasna Lovrec.

We contribute to the cosmopolitan spirit of the small wine-growing village of Sveti Urban, that celebrates the World Wine Day on May 25, through our commitment to multiculturalism and the ability to communicate in three world languages: English, German, and French, when lovers of sophisticated wines from all over the world visit us.


Organic wines – under surveillance of AUSTRIA BIOGARANTIE


We cultivate healthy grapes so that wine lovers can enjoy healthy and authentic wines, and ecology is the main guiding principle of our boutique viticulture and wine production. Officially we are in organic wine production from 2015, and we got European eco certificate first for pinot gris white and pink wine, both vintage 2021.

Did you know that wine contains more than a thousand ingredients that are beneficial for the human body? However, because of its only harmful ingredient, alcohol, it should be enjoyed with moderation. As with any other medicine, the dosage is important. 😊

Our wines are genuine, natural, and bear the seal of their vintage year. They are untreated and it is best to get to know them at the source, in our wine tasting room. You can come for a wine wellness retreat, detoxify and educate yourself on organic wines and wine culture in the embrace of centuries-old sycamore trees, guardians of the old cellar, and the ethnographic collection. Each wine has its own special story which we will tell you at the educational wine tastings. Those are also available in foreign languages (English, German, and French), which is especially convenient for the companies that do business with foreigners. We respond to e-mails ( and arrange appointments quickly.

Since wine is the best reflection of the coexistence of nature and the people who cultivate it, it can be regarded as a great gift-souvenir that will, once the bottle is opened, bring back the memories of the visit to our region.



On our small wine estate, we have few historical monuments as well as natural heritage, sycamore trees

  • Mythological sycamore trees, about three hundred years old. They were planted as a natural cooling system for the old cellar.
  • Obelisk hides warm human story from the past
  • The oldest existing cellar in Međimurje county from 16th century
  • The oldest wooden barrel in old cellar from 1822, still in use
  • Scions of the oldest living vine in the world
  • The poem “Landlust” of German poet Friedrich von Hagedorn, hedonist and wine lover, worshiped by his admirer, a poet and one of the owners of old cellar, count Srpak
  • Ethnographic collection that describes the life circle of vine is protected under the Ministry of Culture of Croatia